Schedule eBay auctions correctly; make more money
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As a seller, you've probably have noticed that most eBay bidding happens in the closing minutes of an auction.

But did you know that you can increase the bidding activity of your auctions? All you have to do is schedule your auctions to end when most of your buyers are active online.

But how do you know when most of your sellers are online and shopping on eBay?

Various categories of items attract different demographic groups. And, each demographic group has unique shopping schedules.

Some items will attract buyers who shop at work during their lunch break. While other auctions attract buyers who go to eBay after the kids are in bed. Still other auctions attract causual buyers that only shop on weekends.

To be most successful on eBay, you need to schedule your auctions to end when the buyers for your specific types of items are most able to bid.

GONZOlytics helps you identify when to end your auctions for maximum bids and maximum profits.

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