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Frequently asked questions

How can we contact you with an issue or question?
You can always reach us at: info@GONZOlytics.com

You say that your data is "representational", why doens't it match eBay page views 100%?
There are two main reasons our data is representational but it may not match the eBay page view count. In order for GONZOlytics to communicate with eBay, the GONZlytics image must be loaded by the buyer's browser. a few scrapers and mobile apps don't download this image. Additionally, some buyers browse behind firewalls and proxies that block some of the data GONZOlytics needs to process the hit.

How can I cancel my service?
You can cancel your service at any time through the PayPal "manage subscriptions" page.

If I cancel my service in the middle of the month, do I get reimbursed for the unused period?
No. At $3.95 a month, we cannot afford to process such small amounts.

What do you do with all the data you collect?
Nothing. We will never sell your data or use it without your consent.

Where can I find my GONZOlytics code?
After you log in, your personal GONZOlytics code is on your My Account page.

How do I interface GONZOlytics with eBay?
You put an image in your product descriptoin. We show you how to do that on the How to use page.

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