Schedule eBay auctions correctly; make more money
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How do you know when to schedule your eBay auctions?

You attract a specific demographic of buyers, based on the items you sell. And each group of buyers has definable shopping habits.

For example, buyers of some products are most apt to shop at work during lunch. Other items attract buyers that wait until later at night to shop when the kids are in bead. Still other buyers, of specific products, are apt to shop over morning coffee.  

Why is it important to know when your buyers shop?

You my have noticed that your eBay auctions get the highest number of bids right before they end. So, if you can schedule the end of your auction to match the peak shopping time for the item's demographic, your auctions should attract more bids, and higher sale prices.  

At $3.99 a month, it's a safe bet

Most eBay sellers give little thought to when to post an auction--or if they should pay extra to schedule an auction. For only $3.99 a month, why chance this decision?

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